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Discover Storm, the Legendary Comic Series by Don Lawrence and Martin Lodewijk

Storm Don Lawrence English Cbr 1000 EXCLUSIVE

If you are a fan of science fiction and fantasy comics, you have probably heard of Storm, one of the most popular and acclaimed European comic series of all time. Created by the legendary British artist Don Lawrence and the Dutch writer Martin Lodewijk, Storm is a saga that spans over 20 albums and takes the reader on an epic journey through the Deep World and the multiverse of Pandarve. In this article, we will explore what makes Storm such a masterpiece of comic art, and how you can read it in English.

Storm Don Lawrence English Cbr 1000 EXCLUSIVE

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What is Storm?

Storm is a comic series that combines science fiction and fantasy elements in a unique and original way. It follows the adventures of Storm, a 21st-century astronaut who gets lost in time and space after a failed mission. He ends up in the Deep World, a hollow planet where the remnants of ancient civilizations coexist with bizarre creatures and primitive tribes. There, he meets Ember, a beautiful red-haired warrior woman who becomes his companion and lover. Together, they face many dangers and enemies, such as the evil ruler Marduk, the mysterious Nomad, and the sinister Chronolords.

After escaping from the Deep World, Storm and Ember find themselves in Pandarve, a multiverse that consists of thousands of worlds connected by portals. Pandarve is ruled by the Living Planet, a sentient being that communicates with its chosen emissary, Marduk. Storm becomes Marduk's rival and nemesis, as he tries to free the oppressed peoples of Pandarve from his tyranny. Along the way, he meets new allies and foes, such as Renter Ka Rauw, a winged warrior; Rak*El, a telepathic cat; Nomad, a mysterious wanderer; and Pandarve herself.

The origins of Storm

Storm was created by Don Lawrence, a British comic artist who had previously worked on popular titles such as The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire and Karl the Viking. In 1976, he was approached by a Dutch publisher who offered him to work on a new science fiction series. Lawrence accepted the offer and came up with the idea of Storm, a futuristic hero who travels through time and space. He also designed the main characters and the settings of the series.

The first story arc of Storm, The Chronicles of the Deep World, was written by Philip Dunn (under the pseudonym Saul), a British scriptwriter who had collaborated with Lawrence on other projects. However, after four albums, Dunn left the series due to creative differences with Lawrence. He was replaced by Martin Lodewijk, a Dutch comic writer who had created Agent 327, one of the most successful comic series in the Netherlands. Lodewijk introduced new elements to the series, such as Pandarve and Marduk, and gave it a more humorous and adventurous tone. He also developed the personalities and relationships of the main characters.

The collaboration between Lawrence and Lodewijk lasted for 16 albums, until 2001, when Lawrence retired from comics due to health problems. He passed away in 2003, leaving behind a legacy of stunning artwork and unforgettable stories. Lodewijk continued the series with other artists, such as Romano Molenaar and Jorg de Vos, but the original Storm albums by Lawrence and Lodewijk are widely considered to be the best and most influential ones.

The main characters of Storm

The protagonist of the series is Storm, a blond-haired, blue-eyed astronaut who was born in 1966. He is a brave, loyal, and resourceful hero, who always stands up for justice and freedom. He is also curious and adventurous, always eager to explore new worlds and cultures. He has a strong sense of humor and often makes witty remarks and jokes. He is skilled in combat, piloting, and survival, and often uses his scientific knowledge to solve problems. He is also immune to the effects of time travel, which makes him a target for the Chronolords, who want to use him for their experiments.

The deuteragonist of the series is Ember, a red-haired, green-eyed warrior woman who was born in the Deep World. She is a fierce, proud, and independent fighter, who can handle any weapon and any opponent. She is also compassionate, loyal, and caring, especially towards Storm, whom she loves deeply. She is fascinated by Storm's stories and knowledge of the outer world, and often accompanies him on his adventures. She is also a skilled healer and herbalist, and has a telepathic bond with Rak*El.

The main antagonist of the series is Marduk, the ruler of Pandarve and the emissary of the Living Planet. He is a tall, muscular, dark-haired man who wears a golden mask that covers his face. He is a cruel, arrogant, and megalomaniac tyrant, who oppresses the peoples of Pandarve with his army of robots and mutants. He is obsessed with Storm, whom he considers his rival and enemy. He wants to capture him and use his blood to gain access to the secrets of time travel. He also covets Ember, whom he wants to make his consort.

The plot of Storm

The series consists of 23 albums so far, divided into three main story arcs: The Chronicles of the Deep World (albums 1-7), The Chronicles of Pandarve (albums 8-22), and The Chronicles of the Parallel Worlds (albums 23-). Each album tells a self-contained story that can be read independently, but also forms part of a larger narrative that spans across the series.

The first story arc introduces Storm and Ember as they meet in the Deep World and try to escape from it. They encounter various civilizations and creatures that inhabit the hollow planet, such as the People of the Plains, the Green Hell, the City of the Damned, and the Creeping Death. They also face Marduk for the first time, who tries to stop them from leaving the Deep World.

The Dogs of Marduk, The Genesis Formula, The Armageddon Traveler, and The Return of the Red Prince. They also learn more about the origins and secrets of Pandarve and the Living Planet.

The third story arc begins with Storm and Ember being separated by a portal that sends them to different parallel worlds. Storm ends up in a world where he is a famous comic artist who created Storm, while Ember ends up in a world where she is a princess who is about to marry Marduk. They both try to find each other and return to Pandarve, while facing new challenges and dangers.

Why is Storm a masterpiece of comic art?

Storm is widely regarded as one of the best and most influential comic series of all time, for several reasons. First of all, it showcases the stunning artwork of Don Lawrence, who was a master of realistic and detailed illustration. His drawings are full of color, light, and movement, creating a vivid and immersive visual experience for the reader. He also excelled at designing exotic and diverse landscapes, creatures, and characters, giving each world and culture a distinctive and original look.

Secondly, it features the imaginative worldbuilding of Martin Lodewijk, who created a rich and complex multiverse that combines science fiction and fantasy elements in a seamless and coherent way. His stories are full of creativity, humor, and adventure, blending action, mystery, romance, and satire. He also developed the personalities and relationships of the main characters, making them relatable and memorable.

Thirdly, it offers the thrilling adventures of Storm and his companions, who face many dangers and enemies in their quest for freedom and justice. The series is full of suspense, twists, and surprises, keeping the reader engaged and entertained. The series also explores themes such as identity, destiny, morality, power, love, and friendship, giving it depth and meaning.

How to read Storm in English?

If you are interested in reading Storm in English, you have several options. The series was originally published in Dutch by Oberon (later Big Balloon) from 1978 to 2001. It was then translated into English by various publishers over the years. Here are some of the most notable ones:

The original British publications

The first seven albums of Storm were published in English by British European Associated Publishers (BEAP) from 1982 to 1984. They were printed in black and white on cheap paper, with some minor changes to the artwork and text. They are now very rare and expensive to find.

The Titan Books editions

In 1987-1989, Titan Books published four albums of Storm in English: The Last Fighter (album 2), The Pirates of Pandarve (album 10), The Labyrinth of Death (album 11), and The Seven of Aromater (album 12). They were printed in color on glossy paper, with high-quality reproduction of the artwork. They also included some extra pages with sketches and interviews with Don Lawrence. They are now out of print but still available online.

The Don Lawrence Collection volumes

In 2004-2007, Don Lawrence Collection (DLC) published seven volumes of Storm in English: Storm - The Collection. Each volume contained two albums of Storm in chronological order, with restored artwork and revised text. They were printed in color on high-quality paper, with hardcover binding. They also included some extra pages with dossiers on the history and background of Storm. They are still in print and can be ordered online from the official website:


Storm is a comic series that deserves to be read by anyone who loves science fiction and fantasy comics. It is a masterpiece of comic art that combines stunning artwork, imaginative worldbuilding, thrilling adventures, and memorable characters. It is also a series that has influenced many other comic artists and writers over the years. If you want to discover or rediscover Storm in English, you can choose from several options that suit your preferences and budget. You will not regret it!


  • Who created Storm? Storm was created by Don Lawrence (art) and Philip Dunn (script) for the first four albums. Martin Lodewijk took over the script from the fifth album onwards.

  • How many albums of Storm are there? There are 23 albums of Storm so far, divided into three main story arcs: The Chronicles of the Deep World (albums 1-7), The Chronicles of Pandarve (albums 8-22), and The Chronicles of the Parallel Worlds (albums 23-).

  • What is the best way to read Storm in English? The best way to read Storm in English is to order the Storm - The Collection volumes from Don Lawrence Collection, which contain the first 14 albums of Storm in chronological order, with restored artwork and revised text.

  • Is Storm suitable for children? Storm is suitable for children aged 12 and above, as it contains some scenes of violence, nudity, and sexual innuendo.

  • Is Storm available in other languages? Storm is available in many other languages, such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, Indonesian, and Chinese.



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