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Rodion Karpov

Ff Good Pro Cond Black Font

Or try Aadam: an elegant, condensed font, similar to Georgia. Aadam features a minimalist, modern style and serif typeface with charisma. It includes four weight versions: Regular, Thin, Light, and Bold. It contains uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, and basic punctuation, with multilingual support.

Ff Good Pro Cond Black Font


Glamour Luxury is a modern, minimalist serif font family with a wide choice of weights. It's condensed in style and with a longer x-height than Georgia, but it has good legibility and is easy on the eyes. Glamour Luxury combines Regular, Light, Thin, Round, and Bold font weights. It includes all basic glyphs, multilingual plus non-English characters.

The Adren font is a modern, slightly more condensed serif typeface than Georgia. Optimum at any size, this refined font family includes 14 font formats plus Latin characters, numbers, punctuation, and special characters. Adren is mainly used for magazines, presentations, editorial headers, and subheaders.

This font would look good with Avenir font pairing, but since that font is not available in the Google fonts library, the closest alternative to it is to choose the Nunito font, designed by the same Vernon Adams.

Fjalla One is a display sans serif font designed by the Sorkin Type. Its condensed, bold look is perfectly adapted to any screen and print alike, which means it can work in various sizes. Due to its display characteristics, Fjalla One is best to be kept for the headlines.

Jonny Pinhorn, the designer of the Karla font, managed to create this highly versatile font that is legible even in its extra-bold italic format. For whatever you want to use, be confident that it is a safe bet and created a good font combination.

The family includes five font weights in two widths, normal and condensed, each with italics. The entire family includes extended characters such as arrows, fractions, euro sign, lozenge, mathematical symbols, extra accented Latin letters, and superscript numeral figures. Alternate glyphs include rounded dots, old style figures, and alternate cedilla. With time Eastern European, Greek and Cyrillic character sets have been added as well.


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