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Download [CRACKED] Ff13 Save Editor For Ps3 Rar

1. no skill, costume, quest or anything else is included. i do not make lists of this stuff for it to appear in this save editor. instead, the editor just loads all of this information directly from the game (which is why it might ask you set the game directory, if it didn't auto-detect it by itself, and why it has a short initializing phase upon start up).

Download Ff13 Save Editor For Ps3 Rar

2. rename the ps3_game folder of retail disc [bces01888] into npea90127, 3. unpack the demo npea90127 then copy only the [eboot.bin] from it then paste into folder [usrdir] in [npea90127] renamed in step 1, 4. edit param.sfo of [npea90127] and change category from dg disc game (blu-ray) to hg harddrive game then save, 5. delete licdir folder in npea90127, 6a. for dtu: transfer npea90127 and bces01888 folders into cfw ps3 then dtu to ofw ps3. done. 6b. for han: move npea90127 and bces01888 folders into make-backup-pkg directory then open/run [do.bat]. install on han ps3 with [enable debug packages].

a little fix for those who try to get the customization keys on the save editor (version 1.18): do not do this and if you have you should remove them, after you have removed them using the save editor, download the mod that allows you to complete the 2nd parallel quest to get all the customization keys, or you can try to reearn them online. so note adding them to the save editor 1st, will actually block you from getting them at all.

as i already stated, the save file is not editable. the only things you can edit are things like trainer names, number of kids, gender, and a few others i couldnt remember at the time, sorry. if you want to edit other things such as the pokemon for use in this editor, simply have your save file put it in a cloud storage service like psn or google drive.


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