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Artist Found LUTs Collection

To create the likeness of Dr. King, the Foundation searched for a sculptor. Their search led them to St. Paul, MN, where an international collection of sculptors were creating public artwork to be installed throughout the city. After approaching all fifteen artists, they found that four of them recommended the Chinese artist Master Lei Yixin. After the Foundation interviewed him in Washington, DC, and examined his work in China, Master Lei Yixin became the official sculptor in 2007.

Artist Found LUTs Collection


A table of the paintings recorded in the Reichskunstdepot Kremsmünster ("K numbers") is now available on the website of Leonhard Weidinger at -gemaelde. The source of the information is BDA-Archiv, Restitutionsmaterialien, Kiste 13-4, Mappe 14 and the transcription of the list is supplemented with data such as origin, time and destination of removal, Iv numbers, Mü numbers, etc. Kremsmünster Benedictine Abbey in Upper Austria, founded in 777, was seized by order of the Gestapo in 1941 and placed under the administration of Reichsgau Oberdonau (Upper Danube). The first and largest transports of seized paintings from Austrian collections took place in May and June 1941, and continued until 1943. From summer 1941 it was also used to store artworks for the "Sonderauftrag Linz" - between August 1941 and November 1943, 1,732 paintings were transferred from Munich to Kremsmünster. For full details of the history of the Depot, see the Austrian Lexikon for Provenance Research article at is a comprehensive inventory of 200 Jewish ritual objects found in synagogues or Jewish homes around the world. Each individual object page includes a brief description of the item and its use, curated images from over 50 collections, references to collections and online catalogues, a specialised bibliography, a video, and navigation options that encourage both targeted research and discovery. One of the unique features of Judaica Index is the multi-lingual search function available in 15 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Ladino, and Yiddish). Users can search by object name or keyword and the entries will be regularly enriched and updated. It is an invaluable tool for researchers and anybody interested in Judaica from all over the world.

Galerie Étienne Bignou Photo Archive, c. 1909-1950 The Galerie Étienne Bignou Photo Archive consists of 1,777 black and white, photographic reproductions of works by artists the French art dealer sold or exhibited at his Paris, London and New York galleries. The collection includes reproductions of works by French artists from the 19th and 20th centuries including Honoré Daumier, Jean Lurçat, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and George Seurat.

This is an online resource documenting the history and development of a collection of nearly 3,500 works of art primarily from the Italian Renaissance which are divided between 100 US institutions by 1961. The collection was amassed by American businessman Samuel H. Kress (1863-1955) from the late 1920s, and later his brother Rush; the Kress foundation has funded the project. Data and digitized archival materials illustrate the history, acquisition, condition, care, and distribution of the works of art over many decades. Visit the resource here.

The Commission found that the painting was owned by Dr Fischer until January 1934. After suffering intense persecution, he left Germany in 1935 and in 1936 emigrated to the USA. Erich Heckel had possession of the painting in January 1944 and donated it to the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe in 1967, where it has been ever since. The Commission was unable to establish how Heckel came into possession of the painting or obtained ownership of it. But in their view a Nazi persecution-related seizure must be assumed and therefore unanimously recommended restitution to the heirs who announced they will donate the painting to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, USA, where it will rejoin the family collection. Many other paintings owned by Dr Fischer remain missing. To read the Recommendation, only available in German, click here.

The Technical University of Berlin in collaboration with the Department of Modern Art History (Prof. Bénédicte Savoy) is undertaking a one-year project dedicated to the systematic examination and research of the Adolph Menzel Collection of the Berlin banker Ludwig Ginsberg (1873-1939). The extensive collection of Menzel's graphic works comprised a large number of rare prints and contained works on paper, some of them of exceptional quality and beauty. It was described in 1930 as the largest Menzel collection ever in private ownership. The Ginsberg Collection was auctioned off in several lots and is largely lost today. So far, works from the collection have appeared in the Kupferstichkabinett Berlin and at the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum in Düren. Both museums will restitute the works that have been added to their collections as a result of persecution.The project also focuses on research into Ludwig Ginsberg's fate as a persecuted person and the aryanization of the Bank Gebrüder Ginsberg. The TU seeks proactive support for the project, especially from colleagues in provenance research and custodians of graphic collections. The project is funded by the Deutsche Zentrum Kulturgutverluste. Further information about the project and the Ginsberg family can be found here. 041b061a72


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