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Pizza Hut Lebanon Oregon Phone Number

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Pizza Hut Lebanon Oregon Phone Number

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12/26/2012 - KrystalI was very disappointed with pizza hut and there customer service. I ordered a pizza and it was about an hour wait, they were 10 minutes late, and when I got my pizza, bread sticks, and cinnamon sticks they were barely luke warm. So I called in to have the pizza replaced as only one piece had been eaten by my nephew and a few bites out of a second piece which I had tried and then decided to get it replaced. I had to sit on hold for 17 minutes (I know cause my cell phone keeps track of minutes on the phone) to wait for a manager. Finally the manager comes on and I told him how I felt about the pizza barely being warm and that I would like it replaced. He said OK, all of it? I said yes, all of it was barely even warm, Then he says OK, well, we'll have it out to you about 8 pm. Thanks. So I had a total wait time of 3 hours from my original order to my replacement order. The manager didn't apologize, or seem to really care at all. Seemed to me he was more irritated to be replacing my order than sorry about the poor quality. I also don't like how they instantly put you on hold as soon as they answer your call. They dont even give you one second to say OK, or no problem I can wait, or anything. I will NOT be ordering from here again. I'll go to Dominos or Figaros or even little Ceasars before I order from pizza hut again. 041b061a72


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