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Rodion Karpov
Rodion Karpov

Yuzu Early

As long as you keep your Patreon subscription valid, you will continue to receive Patreon-specific updates, as well as regular yuzu updates, automatically by just running yuzu Early Access from your Start menu.

Yuzu Early

I've noticed that the package hasn't updated for a while now (nearly two weeks, I think?). Is there something I should do on my end? Normally it gets picked up and is compiled on a (more than) daily basis.

Currently, it installs Yuzu EA in yuzu-early-access wherever the maintenancetool.exe is. I would love it if in advanced settings I could choose the directory for both the Yuzu EA and the maintenance tool. I prefer to make my yuzu installation portable and save it in "C:\Emulators\Yuzu EA (Switch)" and I prefer to save tools like these in "C:\Emulators\Tools".

In addition, I would like to be able to rename the shortcut link names to "Yuzu EA (Switch)" and "Yuzu EA Updater". That currently seems possible to change within the metadata.json by changing the filepaths but I haven't figured out a way to confirm it. Clicking update at least doesn't override my custom paths. Also manually changing the name of the maintenance tool to "Yuzu EA Updater.exe" appears to at least automatically change the name of the shortcut which is nice. Interestingly on clicking repair, it resets my custom yuzu EA shortcut path to the default but keeps my custom "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Yuzu EA Updater.lnk" path. I prefer to keep all of my shortcuts named and in the same place, so I prefer this Start Menu directory over the default "C:\Users\Jaxton\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" directory in roaming, so maybe an advanced setting for that would be super?

I tested overriding the current file paths in the metadata.json from "yuzu-early-access*" to "C:\Emulators\Yuzu EA (Switch)*" in an attempt to add portability. The repair functionality does not appear to work with changing these paths. I tested by removing a Yuzu EA dll and seeing if it would repair it. The maintenance tool recreates the metadata.json and reinstalls yuzu-early-access wherever the tool is instead of looking in the new path and analyzing the files there, having moved the tool and supporting files to a completely different location.

Title says it. I had to rummage through AppData to find the downloaded yuzu.exe and manually create a shortcut. It could somehow be made easier if updater prompts before downloading or something along those lines.

I thought to use program simply like yuzu updater, because yuzu updater 1.5.1 do not work. So I just chose my folder with yuzu and games inside to, as I thought, update yuzu, but the program just deleted everything and created just another folder inside work emulator. Why it did such meanness when it could just only create that folder inside? I think it's radical bug, if you can fix that or just make loud warning that program will delete everything inside and user need to make backup or program can create it. But I do not remember anything from that. 041b061a72


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