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The Black Skitterbug and Gray Marmoni pets are rewards from the quest The Basecamp 'Pets'. You will need to be Renown Level 11 with the Dragonscale Expedition before this quest will become available. This quest is part of the Dragonscale Expedition Renown quest chain, which starts with Pathfinder Jeb (42.83). Although you can only choose one as your quest reward, they are both available to purchase from Cataloger Jakes (47.82).

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The perfect zone for fans of the Grizzly Hills. With relaxing music and ambience and stunning scenes, hunting pets in this area is destined to be a chilled experience. And the heaps of snow makes it pretty chilled too.

Speak to Lani at 10.47, she is sitting on a rock by the water. She will give you Turtle Bait. Then, click the additional action button and the pet will appear for you to battle.

This cutie was a reward from the achievement Good Things Come in Small Packages. You needed 2000 unique pets to receive Mister Muskoxeles. Shortly after the expansion launch, the pet was removed from the game. He may yet be added back.

Another milestone reward, this pet is awarded to tamers that have 1400 unique pets! The achievement is Proven Pet Parent. Perfect for those players that love their fluffy, slimy, and sometimes terrifying babies.

Reward for achievement Family Battler of the Dragon Isles. Involves completing 10 achievements where you defeat elite pets and trainers in the dragon isles with a full team of level 25 pets.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands players currently have plenty of endgame content to do before the Chains of Domination update arrives in several months. But while the just-released Patch 9.0.5 added more ways to gear or upgrade their characters, there are many other launch secrets the community is continuing to find as well. One of these latest discoveries is figuring out how to acquire Courage the Larion battle pet.

Recently introduced as creatures native to Bastion, the Larion has been encountered as enemies, mounts, or even adorable battle pets during adventures in the Shadowlands. Unfortunately, players learned that two of the three battle pets are either an extremely rare reward from grinding reputation with the Ascended faction or killing a certain NPC once per day. The third pet Courage, however, went unseen for months until users Deowulf, Ariennelenna, and Sita managed to stumble upon it by following several steps.

The next step involves grouping up with four other players or friends. There are nine Larion Cub NPCs wandering throughout the area which can be clicked on. When at least five Larion Cubs are petted at the same time, Courage will spawn next to Nemea for 30-45 seconds before it disappears. At this point, players just have to run over and right click Courage to add the pet to their journal. Note that any critter-killing pets such as Remornia can kill the Larion Cubs so make sure to dismiss them before going near the NPCs.

I recently bought a dozen or so battle pets on the auction house that were level 25. After learning all of them, they all became level 1 in my pet journal. Is this normal? Or is there another part to the process I am missing.

The Battle Pet market is probably the most profitable market I participate in purely because of the astronomical profit margins that I can make. The freedom of purchasing pets from one realm (ideally a high populated realm) and selling on another (low-medium populated realm) brings vast amounts of profit due to the differences in supply and demand and the difference in competition and customers available to me.

Ideally, for me the best results and for ease of use, I use the exact pricing for all realms; this means I can carefully buy pets at a set price and know if I sell it for 50% more than I purchased it for, I stand to make 50% profit. However, if I have different price strings dependant on the size of the realm, things become tougher to monitor and the need for spreadsheets to keep tabs on purchase and sale data.

Below is an image of how the group looks. There are a lot of subgroups, but it keeps everything clean. If you use tooltips, the information within makes purchasing effortless. As long as you have your TSM tooltips set up correctly when you hover over a Battle Pet, it will show the origin of it (e.g. prevents buying overpriced vendor pets).

Battle Pet Bandages are used to revive and heal all of your battle pets to 100% health, as part of the Pet Battle System. They are intended to fill the gap while [Revive Battle Pets] is on cooldown.

All pets have a rarity that governs how high their stats can go. The highest rarity is Blue. If you have a pet at a lower rarity, you can buy a Marked Flawless Battle-Stone for fifteen Polished Pet Charms (Lio the Lioness in New Dalaran sells the battle-stone) and use it on the pet. Alternatively, you can occasionally get one as a reward for a pet battle world quest in BFA or Shadowlands content.

Battle Pet BreedID displays the stat pairing of each of your pets and all other possible breed variants for their species. It also displays the breed of a wild pet, helping you quickly determine whether or not a wild encounter is worth the time.

Rematch revamps the pet journal UI to allow for additional sorting filters, the ability to remember specific team set-ups (especially useful if you actively do pet battle quests), and additional stat details.

As a disclaimer, this is merely our take on individual battle pets. There are plenty of team combinations and alternative pet choices that will bring victory to you. If you find yourself struggling to put together a winning comp for a specific enemy, try looking up the fight and reading the comments for tips.

This is a simple but very hard-hitting magic battle pet. Despite having low health, the passive from being a magic pet will prevent it from being instantly killed. With access to its unique ability, Magic Sword (which has a 50% chance to crit), you will shred through flying enemies while buying more time for yourself with Siphon Anima.

An absolute tank of a unit, the Magical Crawdad is one of the best aquatic battle pets for its sheer survivability and healing factor. With its Shell Shield mitigating damage long enough for its powerful Wish heal to go off, the Magical Crawdad will slowly but surely whittle away every foe it faces.

The Gilnean Raven is one of the best flying battle pets in WoW due to its amazing speed and synergistic abilities. The only downside is trying to get one with the S/S breed, as only ones from before 2015 can have that stat trait. If you manage to get one, its combination of Call Darkness with Nocturnal Strike can easily devastate most teams, with Alpha Strike constantly getting the bonus attack. Nevermore is also incredibly useful against certain pets that have only one real attack.

This is a fantastic staller and defensive mechanical battle pet with its ability to block attacks and to bypass annoying defenses with its Flyby and Explode combo. The Darkmoon Zeppelin is also a fantastic start mechanical pet for those looking to slowly whittle down their enemies as well.

Chrominius is one of the best dragonkin battle pets, especially against flying teams. Its resistance, strong abilities against flying types, and high health pool make it formidable on the field. Chrominius is an all-around great unit and can function as a starter, staller, or finisher. With its varied move set, it can decimate both flying and critter teams.

Probably the best dragonkin battle pet, the Emerald Proto-Whelp is an absolute meatball of a pet, being able to tank damage, dish it out, and heal itself. If its breed is P/P, it can absorb a whopping 90 damage per hit, negating any weak multi-hit abilities. Additionally, you can take a more offensive or defensive approach with its ability set, and it will obliterate most flying and magic teams all on its own.

How do I get it? Buy it with three Celestial Coin on the Timeless Isle (Pandaria). You can earn one Celestial Coin per week by winning the PvE pet battle tournament on the Timeless Isle. To enter, you must have at least thirty Level 25 battle pets and actual team compositions to beat the enemy.

The value you will get out of this pet is insane, as befitting the best battle pet of WoW. With high survivability and reliable damage output, the Anubisath Idol has a varied enough move kit that will carry you through the bulk of your PvE pet battles.

And that wraps it up for the 20 WoW best battle pets. Let us know which ones work for you and if you think there are any other strong contenders we should include in the future. As always, stay up to date and maintain the advantage with High Ground Gaming.

To participate in pet battles a character must purchase Battle Pet Training from the Battle Pet Trainer in their capital city. This training is available to characters on the full version of World of Warcraft but will not be available on Trial accounts. The skill applies to all characters on your Blizzard account.

Nexus Whelpling is a strong double-counter to Flying family pets. With the combination of Arcane Storm and Mana Surge, it can take on and destroy any Flying pets you put him against. This combo hits quite heavily on its own, so you can bring Nexus Whelpling to battle even if there are no Flying pets around.

One of the cutest pets, from engineers with love! The fact that this pet is mechanical, which gives him defense against magic attacks, and has a Breath, which deals extra damage against Magical pets, makes this engineering marvel one of the strongest picks against Magic opponents.

Chrominius is one of the essential pets. Being a Dragonkin makes it strong against Flying-types, especially armed with Arcane Explosion and Surge of Power. Sometimes you will simply send Chrominius to spam Arcane Explosion until he dies. His Howl is also useful in some strategies. 041b061a72


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