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Seal hunters and seal meat handlers are most likely to get the infection on the index or middle finger of the nondominant hand because this hand tends to get accidentally cut by the knife being used in the dominant hand (9,10). Those actually bitten by a seal tend to have the thumb of the dominant hand affected (5,11). These patients tend to be researchers and wildlife workers.

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The occupations of patients with seal finger can be divided into two main categories. Seal hunters and those who handle seal meat and pelts (3,10,12,15,16) are the most commonly reported in the earlier literature. The other main group consists of those who work with live seals or in a marine environment. This group includes biologists (3,13,14), psychologists (6), veterinarians (17), seal trainers (1,18), researchers (7) and aquarium personnel (5). 041b061a72


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