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How to Watch Veda Online in 720p Blu-ray Quality for Free

Veda 720p Blu-ray Hindi Movie Online: A Review

Veda is a 2022 Hindi romantic drama film that is a remake of the 2019 Telugu movie Majili. It stars Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza in the lead roles, along with Khushi Hajare, Siddarth Jadhav, Jitendra Joshi, and Salman Khan in supporting roles. The film is directed by Riteish Deshmukh himself, who makes his directorial debut with this film. The film is produced by Mumbai Film Company and has music composed by Ajay-Atul. The film was released on December 30, 2022 in theatres and on ZEE5 platform.

Veda 720p blu-ray hindi movie online

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In this article, we will review Veda and tell you what we liked and disliked about the film. We will also tell you where you can watch Veda online in HD quality, and answer some frequently asked questions about the film.

What is Veda about?

Veda is a story of love, loss, and redemption. It revolves around Satya (Riteish Deshmukh), a former cricket player who had a bright future ahead of him until he lost his love Nisha (Jiya Shankar) in a tragic accident. Unable to cope with his grief, Satya becomes an alcoholic and a debt-ridden loser who works as a courier boy. His life takes a turn when his father Dinkar (Ashok Saraf) arranges his marriage with Shravani (Genelia D'Souza), his childhood friend and neighbour who has always loved him unconditionally. Shravani tries to help Satya overcome his past and find happiness again, but Satya is unable to forget Nisha and treats Shravani badly. Will Satya ever realize Shravani's worth and give her the love she deserves? Will he ever fulfill his dream of playing cricket again? Watch Veda to find out.

Who are the cast and crew of Veda?

Veda has an ensemble cast of talented actors who have delivered impressive performances in the film. Here is a list of the main cast and crew of Veda:



Riteish Deshmukh

Satya Dinkar Jadhav / Director / Writer

Genelia D'Souza

Shravani Satya Jadhav

Khushi Hajare


Siddarth Jadhav


Jitendra Joshi


Salman Khan

Special appearance


Music directors

Sanjay Jadhav


Ajay Sharma


Mumbai Film Company

Production company b70169992d


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