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Download 1771 Badan: Apa itu KPPH Final dan Penghasilan yang Tidak Termasuk Objek Pajak?

Download 1771 Badan: A Guide to Filing Corporate Income Tax in Indonesia

If you are a corporate taxpayer in Indonesia, you need to file your annual income tax return using the form called 1771 Badan. This form is a mandatory document that reports your income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and tax obligations for the fiscal year. In this article, we will explain what 1771 Badan is, how to download it, how to fill it out, how to submit it, and how to check its status and get its receipt.

What is 1771 Badan?

1771 Badan is an electronic form that is used by corporate taxpayers in Indonesia to declare their income tax for the fiscal year. It is issued by the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT), which is the authority responsible for administering and collecting taxes in Indonesia. The form consists of several sections that cover various aspects of the corporate taxpayer's financial situation, such as income, expenses, assets, liabilities, tax calculation, tax payment, tax credit, tax refund, and tax exemption.

download 1771 badan

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The purpose and benefits of 1771 Badan

The main purpose of 1771 Badan is to comply with the tax laws and regulations in Indonesia. By filing this form, corporate taxpayers can report their income and expenses accurately, calculate their tax liability correctly, pay their tax dues on time, claim their tax credits or refunds if applicable, and avoid any penalties or sanctions for late or incorrect filing. Additionally, filing 1771 Badan can also provide some benefits for corporate taxpayers, such as:

  • Improving their financial transparency and accountability

  • Enhancing their reputation and credibility among stakeholders

  • Facilitating their access to financial services and incentives

  • Supporting their business development and growth

The requirements and eligibility of 1771 Badan

According to the DGT, all corporate taxpayers in Indonesia are required to file 1771 Badan every year. A corporate taxpayer is defined as any entity that conducts business activities in Indonesia or receives income from sources in Indonesia, such as:

  • Limited liability companies (PT)

  • Cooperatives (Koperasi)

  • Foundations (Yayasan)

  • Associations (Perkumpulan)

  • Foreign companies or branches (Bentuk Usaha Tetap)

  • Other entities that are recognized as legal entities under Indonesian law

The only exception is for corporate taxpayers that are subject to final income tax (PPh Final), such as those engaged in certain sectors or activities that are regulated by specific laws or regulations. These taxpayers do not need to file 1771 Badan, but they need to file a different form called SPT Tahunan PPh Final.

The types and formats of 1771 Badan

There are two types of 1771 Badan There are two types of 1771 Badan, depending on the accounting method used by the corporate taxpayer:

  • 1771 Badan Sederhana: This type is for corporate taxpayers that use the cash basis accounting method, which means they record their income and expenses when they receive or pay cash.

  • 1771 Badan Biasa: This type is for corporate taxpayers that use the accrual basis accounting method, which means they record their income and expenses when they earn or incur them, regardless of when they receive or pay cash.

Both types of 1771 Badan have the same format and structure, but they have different codes and labels. The format of 1771 Badan is an electronic form that can be downloaded, filled out, and submitted online using the DGT's applications. The form has a standard layout that consists of four parts:

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