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Hakim Kornilov
Hakim Kornilov

Printshop Mail 6.1

PrintShop Mail is a fast and flexible personalised printing software for direct mail, brochures and other types of promotional documents. This easy to use software allows you to personalise documents by varying text, graphics or entire layouts based on information in the database. Personalised documents significantly improve the return on marketing investment by improving response rates and order values.

printshop mail 6.1

Document Processing Software PrintShop Mail Variable Data Printing Software PrintShop Mail is a software solution that allows users to create dynamic, database-driven documents quickly and easily. PrintShop Mail allows you to personalize your promotional communications by varying text, graphics, barcodes, or entire layouts based on information found in your database, for promotional documents such as advertisements, direct mailings, flyers or any other type of promotional documents.

  • Alternatively, the campaign can be setup to best use a number of integrated channels for different phases of the campaign. For example:a direct mail letter to introduce the product/service

  • which may contain (or be followed up by another piece containing) a customised campaign based url, or better still a personalised url (pURL) that points to a personalised landing page

  • this could then be followed up by an email, or a phased email campaign hitting those that respond or not with different messages

...and of course all of this is fully targeted and personalised to the recipient. Everybody is time poor (or at least don't want to waste time). People expect to be hit with marketing messages, however most only want to be hit with messages that are relevant to them. The message that is sent through these integrated channels needs to be relevant, otherwise it will be ignored. It's all about relevancy.

If a marketing campaign was totally focused on email, yet a majority of the target audience didn't respond well to email, then the campaign could be shot (or at least not get the response expected). But the same goes for a campaign that relies completely on traditional direct marketing through the mail. Even though the cost per item is significantly greater than an email, there are many studies that show a physical piece of mail in your hand has a significantly greater chance of eliciting a response than an email campaign typically does alone...however what if your audience prefers email, what if they prefer web, SMS, fax...

Dashwood Consulting has been built on significant experience from the past two decades working around the world with companies such as the above and those that need to generate high volume transaction output. This output can be printed or electronic, where electronic delivery opens us into cross media, which can be by way of email (either attached or with a link), electronic bill presentment on the web, by fax, even to your phone by way of WML/WAP/Mobile web, or simple SMS.Dashwood Consulting directly facilitates and works with a small number of carefully selected service providers to allow your marketing success to be achieved. 350c69d7ab


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