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Macrium Reflect Workstation, Server Server Plus v7.0.2055: What's New and How to Get It

with reflect, you can make backups of your pc's windows installation, even when it is running. this is not a windows backup, but a special type of backup known as a windows snapshot. macrium reflect will take a snapshot of your windows installation at a specified time and place it on your storage medium.

Macrium Reflect Workstation, Server Server Plus v7.0.2055 Final Patch

when you create a snapshot, macrium reflect will activate windows' backup utility and windows' undelete utility on all the pcs to which you have given the installation media. if you choose, you can configure your snapshots to either restore the full windows installation to a pc, or to just restore the operating system and restore the programs you have installed. the same options are available if you wish to restore a snapshot to another pc.

when you create a snapshot, the snapshot is written to your storage medium as a series of files. these files may be compressed in order to save space. macrium reflect automatically unzips these files on your storage medium before restoring the snapshot. if your storage medium does not have enough free space, or if the snapshot is larger than the free space available, macrium reflect will do its best to create the snapshot in the space that it has available.

your snapshots can be created on a workstation or a server pc. the workstation or server pc on which you create a snapshot may be the same pc that you wish to restore the snapshot to, or it may be another pc. macrium reflect will use the windows server backup utility or windows server restore utility to create your snapshot.

macrium reflect is a windows backup and recovery product that enables you to create, recover, and update backups of your pc windows installation. it provides the same backup features as many of the leading commercial backup products. macrium reflect is unique, however, in that it is able to create bootable backups of your pc's windows installation directly from a removable storage medium such as a usb drive or a dvd. this means that you can create a single backup that can be used to recover your pc windows installation, or any of the programs installed on it, to another pc or to a different pc if you need to. reflect is able to create full and incremental backups. incremental backups are only created when you make changes to the windows installation. full backups will include the windows installation and any programs that are installed on it.


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